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RAK ICC Company Incorporation or RAK Offshore Company Registration by the RAK ICC approved agents in Dubai

RAK ICC offshore company is the modern and 

We are RAK ICC approved registered agents for the RAK Offshore company setup agents having experience of more than 10 years and a team of 12 plus staff with different educational and geographical back grounds. We are offering cheapest RAKICC offshore company registration packages in RAK ICC. We have special packages for management consultants, tax consultants, lawyers, wealth management advisors and freelancers who refer clients to us. We are also looking forward to have sub agents for offshore company formation in RAK ICC and other UAE offshore company jurisdictions.

RAK ICC offshore company formation authority continues to make all possible efforts to address the needs of our RAKICC offshore company incorporation clients and business partners by continuously offering new services, updating existing products and collaborations with local and international authorities and firms. Part of this process, RAKICC offshore company setup agents in RAK ICC are continuously consulted and updated.

RAK ICC recently signed an MOU with Dubai Land Department (DLD) by which now RAKICC Offshore companies can own properties in freehold areas of Dubai which previous was restricted for offshore company formation in RAK ICC. RAKICC company formation enjoy discounts for DIFC wills and have special packages from RAKEZ when RAK ICC offshore company is holding company of RAKEZ Company. I lot of other benefits like above are offered to RAKICC company formation agents

For Further updates and regulatory issues, please keep visiting our website page and for any specific questions or queries, feel free to contact us for free consultation. Please check below details regarding RAK ICC offshore company formation costs, documents required to form RAK ICC offshore company, steps involved, decision making support information, FAQs and much more. If you like the information on this page, please share our page and link back to our page. If you like our services, please refer us to your friends and business partners

Why Us? Your Best Choice for RAK ICC Offshore Company Incorporation

All RAK ICCC offshore companies need to have a registered agent appointment before the RAK ICC company incorporation process starts. The RAK ICC approved agents will be representative of investors to register RAK offshore company. RAK ICC offshore agent play the role of  bridge between the investors and RAK ICC offshore authority. When deciding on a service provider, a lot of critical factors needs to be assessed. 


  • Expert and professional team handling RAK ICC offshore company incorporation process

  • Dedicated customer relationship manager to look after each individual client personally

  • Strong background operational team for after sale services and service requests

  • Modern technologies and infrastructure to swift response to client queries

  • Cost effective solutions at very competitive fees for RAK ICC registered agents services

  • One stop shop for all your requirements related to RAKICC Company formation

  • Security and confidentiality of your personal and commercial information by RAKICC registered agent

Why RAK ICC Offshore Company is Best Offshore Company Jurisdiction 

There are a lot of options available locally and internationally for the offshore company registration and every jurisdiction has its own packages and offers to investors. Thanks to continuous efforts and struggle of RAK ICC management which has won international recognition and  has become one of leading international business centres. Here are key benefits of RAK ICC Offshore company formation in RAKICC.

  • RAKICC offshore companies can hold Dubai freehold properties

  • RAK ICC company setup agents highly scrutinise for the registration process

  • RAK ICC companies offer 100% foreign ownership and 

  • RAKICC companies have nil corporate tax, income tax, VAT, Sales tax and capital gain tax

  • RAKICC company formation is a private registry which offers the privacy and confidentiality 

RAK Offshore companies are best used for

Holding assets, patents, trade marks and other intellectual property

Acting has holding company in corporate structuring

Holding real estate properties in UAE and internationally

RAK offshore company formation best for international trading and services

RAK offshore company registration is used for fund parking and banking services

RAK offshore company setup offers a variety of business activities 

Offshore company formation in RAK is used as investment vehicle and special purpose vehicle 

Offshore company registration in RAK is low cost, easy to manage and minimal compliance 

RAK Offshore company incorporation has some restrictions as follows

RAK Offshore company can not sponsor UAE resident visa for investors or employees 

Offshore company registered in RAK can not have business with UAE resident companies and individuals

Offshore companies in RAK cannot bring shipments to UAE ports (so BL can not be changed)

Offshore company registration in RAK offshore can not have financial, insurance, educational etc. activities

Nationals of sanctioned counties can not register RAK offshore company 

KYC Documents required for RAKICC offshore company registration

For Individual Shareholders/Directors


Passport copy with 6 months validity (attested if not visiting UAE at the time RAK offshore company registration)

Curriculum Vitae / personal profile of shareholder/directors

Proof of resident (can be utility bill, tax or bank documents or any other document issued by authorities

6 months bank statements 

Existing business profile, website, pamphlet, booklet

For Corporate Shareholders and Directors

Attested copy of certificate of incorporation/registration or trade license copy

Attested copy of memorandum and articles of association 

Attested copy of certificate of good standing and incumbency 

Attested & legalised copy of board resolution for incorporating RAK ICC Company

Attested copy of passport and other KYC documents of the directors being appointed

Please note that authority reserves the right to ask for other due diligence documents from shareholders and investors. Disclousre of UBO and related KYC information is mandatory and should be provided with other requested information

Brief description of RAK ICC offshore company formation process

RAK offshore company registration process will start once all the required KYC documents are submitted with proposed name and activities along with agreed fees for RAK offshore company formation. Our RAK offshore consultants will review the KYC documents, will prepare the application, MOA and other forms for signing from shareholders. After signing, scanned copies will be submitted to RAK offshore authority for review and approval. After approval, investor will send all the original documents to us and do the rest of the process. Once original documents from authority are received, we will share it with the investors. 

RAK ICC Offshore Company formation with Bank Account

We are approved registered agents for the RAK Offshore company setup agents

We are approved registered agents for the RAK Offshore company setup agents

We are approved registered agents for the RAK Offshore company setup agents

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