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Ajman Offshore Company Incorporation or Ajman IBC Registration by the Ajman Offshore approved agents in Dubai

Ajman free zone is one of the leading business hubs in the United Arab Emirates and offering outstanding investment opportunities to both local and foreign businessmen and investors. Company incorporation in Ajman Offshore Authority is relatively new addition to the UAE offshore authorities but the management has offered really attractive and flexible options and a broad list of activities which is attracting a lot of investors. Ajman offshore company formation process is really simple and requirements are straightforward for Ajman offshore companies. Company incorporation in Ajman offshore is fast and Ajman offshore companies are not blacklisted in any of the UAE banks. Like other UAE offshore companies, company formation in Ajman Offshore enjoys all the tax benefits and exemptions.  

We are approved registered agents for the Ajman Offshore company setup agents having experience of more than 10 years in UAE offshore company incorporations with team of 12 plus staff who have different educational and geographical back grounds. We are offering really cheap and cost effective Ajman offshore company setup packages without compromising the quality of the Ajman offshore company services. We make sure Ajman offshore company incorporation clients get highly personalised solutions and package are customised to meet their requirements. 

Dawn! Best choice for Ajman offshore company formation Agents

Dawn is your best option as business partner in UAE and for your offshore company incorporation in Ajman offshore due to world class customer service, excellent work ethics, highly experienced team, cost effective packages and a very good work reputation in the market. 


Expert and professional team of Ajman offshore consultants

Dedicated customer relationship manager for offshore company registration in Ajman

Swift response on queries related offshore company incorporation in Ajman

Cost effective solutions for globalisation of your business

One Stop shop for all your Ajman offshore company requirements

Privacy and security for your offshore company in Ajman

Why to register an Offshore Company in Ajman Offshore

When we decide on the expansion of our business, we are faced with a lot decisions like where to register, which authority and which legal form of company suits our requirements  

Ajman offshore company cost effective

Ajman offshore company regulatory requirements are minimum

Ajman offshore companies offer privacy of information

Offshore companies in Ajman offer a wide and flexible range of commercial activities

100% Ownership in the Ajman offshore companies incorporation

Ajman offshore companies enjoy 0% corporate tax, income tax, VAT and capital gain tax 

Offshore Companies are best suited for

A lot of investors and entrepreneurs got confuse when deciding on whether they should register a UAE company in mainland, UAE free zone or as an UAE offshore company in Ajman offshore. Here is a brief analysis of situations when Ajman offshore company registration is your best choice

Ajman offshore companies acting as holding company

Ajman offshore company as investment vehicles 

Ajman offshore company best option for international trading and services

Ajman offshore company used for funds parking

Ajman offshore companies used in corporate restructuring 

Ajman Offshore Company formation in Ajman offshore has some restrictions 


Following are the main points which needs to be considered when you take decision on the legal form of your new business ventures in UAE.

Ajman offshore company in UAE can not sponsor employees or investors for UAE resident visa

UAE Offshore company registered in Ajman offshore can deal with UAE resident companies and individuals  

UAE Offshore companies incorporated in Ajman offshore can not bring shipments to UAE Ports

Offshore company registration in UAE is restricted to use only banking and registered agent services

UAE offshore company formation in Ajman offshore is not allowed to nationals of sanctioned countries 

Documents Required for Ajman Offshore Company Registration in Ajman Offshore

  • Passport Copy with Six months validity 

  • CV of shareholders/directors

  • Utility Bill (Original. If bill other than Arabic and English, then legal translation of bill is required as well)) as a proof of your residence address  

  • Bank Reference Letter (Original. If Reference letter other than Arabic and English, then legal translation of bill is required as well)

  • Last 6 months bank statement (For Bank account) 

  • Existing business profile and website

  • Any extra documents registered by the registrar of the offshore companies in UAE

Corporate shareholder are required to send following documents for UAE offshore companies formation

  • Certificate of incorporation or  trade license (Apostle/attested)

  • Attested shareholders’ resolution or board resolution for incorporating Ajman offshore company

  • MOA (Memorandum of Association) of the investing company (attested)

  • Corporate shareholder company’s Certificate of Good Standing (attested)

  • Shareholder company's Incumbency certificate (attested)

  • Passport copy and other KYC documents for the directors and secretary of Ajman offshore company in UAE


While incorporating Ajman offshore company in UAE, registrar may ask for other documents. If the corporate shareholder entity is owned by another corporate entity, the same documents will be required from the investing company up to last level to get to know the initial beneficiary owners of the Ajman offshore company in UAE.

Briefing about procedure of Offshore Company Incorporation in Ajman Offshore


Once you will provide above mentioned KYC documents by email, we will prepare the application, Ajman offshore agents appointment letter and Ajman offshore company MOA with other legal documents for Ajman offshore company setup in Ajman offshore and send it you for signing. You will sign and send back all the original documents and we will submit these to Ajman offshore authority and they will finish the process within two to three working days. 

Ajman Offshore company with Bank Account Opening

Over the years, UAE has become a leading financial centre in the MENA region and it's all because of excellent and world class banking system and facilities being offered to investors. UAE is a business hub which connects all the continents and plays a vital role in world economy. UAE banks understand your international banking needs and have developed offshore friendly policies and procedures. 

Once your Ajman offshore company incorporation process finishes, we will introduce you to the banker and will help and guide you to prepare the bank related KYC and Due Diligence documents and information. UAE offshore company with bank account will be ready to start international business operations

Ajman Offshore FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions or Queries)


We invite all our website visitors to submit the questions or queries which we will be publishing on the website for the benefit of other clients 

Ajman Offshore companies as Off the shelf Companies in Ajman Offshore

Off the shelf companies are readymade companies waiting for the transfer to investors to help them start the business activities immediately without waiting for company registration and then bank account opening for Ajman offshore company. It offers a lot of time savings and hassle free medium to start the UAE offshore company. Please provide us your requirements and KYC with your inquiry to discuss more about the UAE readymade companies. 

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